On April 2, 2007, while Greg was hospitalized, Dennis Rogers, GrandMaster Professional Strongman, pound-for-pound the World’s Strongest Man and top performing Strongman in the World, announced the results of his Feats of Strength Contest that had run for approximately 7 months, and Greg was the winner of the Craziest Feat of Strength category. His winning feat was bending a quarter ($.25) in his teeth like the Mighty Atom. This is an amazing feat that very few people, if any, can do.

Almost 9 months have passed since Greg had the second heart attack, and the LORD GOD has done many positive things in Greg’s life. This second heart attack, like the first, was mild. The only difference in Greg’s bending since the second heart attack is that he doesn’t push himself quite so hard. Also, due to the blood thinner that Greg takes, he will occasionally use a pad on his leg to prevent any bleeding. After winning Dennis Rogers’ Craziest Feat of Strength Contest, Greg was featured in the Burlington County Times newspaper. Greg invited his friend, Sonny Barry, to this interview and, from this newspaper article, they were interviewed by Don Polec of Action News.

After learning of Greg’s health problems and witnessing Greg bend horseshoes, 1/2″ square steel bars 22-1/2″ long, roll up a frying pan and bend a United States Quarter in his teeth, Don Polec named Greg “New Jersey’s Superman.” During this same time period, Greg, along with his friend, Sonny Barry, was invited by Slim the Hammerman to perform at the Association of Oldtime Barbell and Strongmen (AOBS) Dinner. In late May, 2007, Greg learned of an amazing therapy for heart patients called EECP (Enhanced External CounterPulsation). Although EECP has been around for decades, it has been kept quiet by most of the medical community. Why? You can guess the answer — because EECP works, and it works very well. More recently, one of Greg’s bent scrolls was featured on Dennis Rogers’ Blog. Greg bent this scroll after viewing a DVD made by his friends, Erik Vining and Dennis Rogers. As you will see, the new additions to this site are Greg’s Blog and photos of the many items Greg has bent since his second heart attack.

Well, here we go again! After noticing that he was unusually winded after doing some cardio and after bending a bar, Greg had his arteries tested via a nuclear stress test. This time, however, a very competent cardiologist read the results within one day. The result was another clogged artery and another stent. This now makes 11 stents in his heart arteries. After a two-week break, Greg bent a 29″ x 1/2″ x 3/4″ bar on September 28, 2008.